Hi, I’m Mirja. Happy you found me, welcome!

I have just taken a new exciting path in my life. I’m about to discover my true potential, personal and business wise, and I’m honoured if you want to follow me on my journey of building my own social enterprise, Northmans.

More info will come soon. They say you can set up a blog within 30 minutes but… For the first, I have no knowledge of building a blog/website and I’m quite lost in the subject. For the second, I’m almost never satisfied with the basic settings whatever the subject is and want to adjust. So, I started to google on CSS code (first I had to learn that even it existed). I found some info, I tried, I managed to make a few of the changes I wanted to do. I also managed to completely make a mess with the standard settings so that nothing worked for a while and I nearly threw my computer out of the window. Let just put it like this. I decided to focus on getting the blog up and running instead of the technical thingies. I’m just so glad I even managed to find where to write this..

So, please bear with me when I’m taking my newbie steps in the blogging area. I promise to improve.

Thank you for your time.

With love,