Takeoff and stranded

takeoffThe universe might want me to see the contrast between different places before reaching Uganda. My flight from Arlanda to Doha was delayed due to technical problems and I missed my connection flight with just 20 minutes. Therefore, I am stranded here in Doha at Mövenpick Hotel with a dedicated personal guide for 24 hours and since I have never been here it is an unexpected bonus!

The week has been a real race against time with Northmans’s deadlines and meetings, catching up with friends and not to forget, packing. It has clearly showed that I am a big time optimist… This resulted in me not giving myself the time to reflect about the journey I am about to take. Not until yesterday. In the morning I finished my packing and when I literally lay on the suitcase like I was a skydiver in order for it to close I took the opportunity to give myself a pause for thought. Laying there I let myself really feel my feelings about soon being by myself in a whole new environment. Many different feelings come up. Fear of the unknown, anxiety, nervousness and so on. But biggest of them all was excitement and curiosity. I will meet and get to know a new culture, meet new people and hear their stories, see a new continent and first and foremost I will get one step closer to understand the challenges and possibilities that is in order for making progress in developing projects. My staying at Ssenyange Education Centre will be my start of that knowledge.

I am sitting at the hotel, soon about to get out in the 42 degrees warm city and I, terrified of flying, am relieved that one of the two flights was smoothly proceeded (apart from the delay that is). I am trying not to think about the remaining flight tomorrow because no flights, no Uganda! It might sound silly but when you are afraid of something you are not always logical and when you overcome that fear it can sometimes feel like you just climbed Mount Everest. So now I only have half the mountain to climb before I reach Ssenyange Education Centre. And that’s when the real journey begins.

”The best view comes after the hardest climb”

With love,